SFI Builder Bundle now comes with Rewardicals… and more badges!

SFI Builder Bundle now comes with Rewardicals!

Effective immediately, Affiliates who purchase an SFI Builder Bundle will receive 350 Rewardical Tokens! These tokens replace the MRP previously included with the bundle. That means that now, Builder Bundle purchasers will receive:

  • An EA-qualifying 1500 VP each month!
  • 100 Mighty TCredits!
  • 8 freshly-generated PSAs and 2 CSAs each month to grow your group!
  • 350 Rewardical tokens!

Affiliates who sign up for a monthly Builder Bundle auto-delivery get:

  • An EA-qualifying 1500 VP!
  • 100 Mighty TCredits!
  • 20 fresh PSAs and CSAs (8 PSAs and 12 CSAs) to continually infuse your group with growth and momentum!
  • 350 Rewardical tokens!
  • A prestigious badge that comes with 500 Badge Quest points!

This change is in concert with our companywide move toward awarding Rewardical Tokens for games, contests, and more. As you know, you can exchange Rewardicals for a variety of goodies and cool stuff at Rewardical.com.

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We are all aware of the great “positive revolution” brought about in team building by the introduction of “builder bundle” last year. Now most active Leaders will be awarded with powerful badges!

Effective January 10th, SFI will be rolling out eight prestigious new badges for those participating in the Opti-Build program and generating POAs (Personally Originated Affiliates).

Generating 25 POAs earns you the basic “Opti-Builder” badge.  Upon generating your 500th POA for your downline, you’ll be awarded the prestigious “500 Club” badge.  Become an Opti-Builder PRO with 750 POAs.  And 1000 POAs puts you in truly rarified air with the gold Opti-Builder ELITE badge:

badges-OBIn addition to the above four badges, SFI  will also introduce an Opti-Build leaderboard  recognizing our top Opti-Builders. You’ll sport the basic leaderboard badge by being in the top 200.  Move up to bronze with a leaderboard ranking of 51-100.  Advance to silver with a ranking of 11-50.  Sport the highest leaderboard badge (gold) by making the top 10.

badges-OBLWatch for the full details on our eight new Opti-Build badges (including Badge Quest point values) next week. Time to get to work!

Always fight for quality despite the power of badges!

Icons of people with speech bubbles..Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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