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As you know, SFI has recently launched rewardical.com as a powerful new digital tokens program. If it hasn’t made
it clear yet, let me be clear now: SFI believes Rewardicals have a huge potential and offer all affiliates the biggest opportunity available in the retail products sales space.

So, starting immediately, a big change will happen in TripleClicks ECA’s panorama. What SFI/TC are doing is moving about 95% of  TripleClicks ECAs over to Rewardical (to be part of the new rewardical.com search engine).

The 5% of the sellers who will be retained at TripleClicks will continue to have their products displayed side by side with their own sourced products, and orders processed like normal.

How did SFI/TC choose which sellers would be retained at TripleClicks and which would not? This was determined almost entirely by track record. That is, if the sellers generated sales regularly and had a high number of above-average ratings and positive reviews, they were retained.

For ECAs who were NOT retained and who would like to move to Rewardical, here’s how it will work:

Starting now, they can apply at http://www.rewardical.com/ECA/Register. The biggest change in being an ECA at Rewardical is that each ECA will need to have its own website; TripleClicks will no longer provide a store website
for ECA’s. Now, this may sound scary to some, but there are numerous easy and inexpensive ways to set up a shop online nowadays, such as with Shopify, WooCommerce on the popular WordPress platform, or Squarespace:


And because these and other providers are fully devoted to providing state-of-the-art e-commerce websites, new ECA’s have vastly more options and features than SFI/TC can provide. New ECA’s will also be able to participate as an “ECA at Rewardical” at just 1/3rd of the cost. That is, instead of a 15% minimum paid to us on orders at TC, the minimum is now just 5% (to cover the cost of the Rewardicals their buyers will receive).

For getting more detailed information about the new program and being aware of all the necessary changes that will be brought about, please check the entire announcement at:


One more thing…

Please be sure to carefully review all the Q&As below, as I go into a lot more detail.  Also, I strongly encourage you to join your peers in discussing the new Rewardical ECA program at the SFI Forum as we’ll, undoubtably, be covering even more important details not covered in this announcement text“. Gery Carson


95% of the ECAs at TripleClicks are being invited to move to Rewardical.

The main benefits:

  • A better TripleClicks site with much greater control over products, appearance, shipping, etc.
  • Better websites, more exposure, and a bigger opportunity for our ECAs to make sales
  • Potentially lower ECA prices due to a substantial reduction in participation cost (67% less)
  • An expected explosion of new ECAs, products, and transfer-buying opportunities
  • Powerful new ECA referral program to earn mountains of monthly Referral Tokens
  • Now earn Rewardicals on EVERY product purchased at TripleClicks
  • Kicks off major expansion at rewardical.com, including a powerful new search engine.


Refer new Rewardical members with Rewardical X-Cards…and earn unlimited 10-1 referral tokens on everyRewardical they earn…for life!!

Designed specifically for referring new Rewardical members, these cards are ideal to hand out to anyone and everyone you like–there is almost certainly something they will be interested in using the card’s 25 free Rewardical Tokens toward. Who wouldn’t like to receive free gift cards, free Bitcoin, free Silver Bullion, etc?!

Get your Rewardical Referral X-Cards in packs of 50 for just $3.95 per pack of 50 cards at:


Each pack also scores you 48 VersaPoints!

Learn more about using your Rewardical X-Cards here:


SFI Builder Bundle now comes with Rewardicals!

Effective immediately, Affiliates who purchase an SFI Builder Bundle will receive 350 Rewardical Tokens! These tokens replace the MRP previously included with the bundle. That means that now, Builder Bundle purchasers will receive:

  • An EA-qualifying 1500 VP each month!
  • 100 Mighty TCredits!
  • 8 freshly-generated PSAs and 2 CSAs each month to grow your group!
  • 350 Rewardical tokens!

Affiliates who sign up for a monthly Builder Bundle auto-delivery get:

  • An EA-qualifying 1500 VP!
  • 100 Mighty TCredits!
  • 20 fresh PSAs and CSAs (8 PSAs and 12 CSAs) to continually infuse your group with growth and momentum!
  • 350 Rewardical tokens!
  • A prestigious badge that comes with 500 Badge Quest points!

This change is in concert with our companywide move toward awarding Rewardical Tokens for games, contests, and more. As you know, you can exchange Rewardicals for a variety of goodies and cool stuff at Rewardical.com.

New Member Pack (NMP) now comes with Rewardicals!

thumb-s1-1x.jpgEffective immediately, new members who purchase a New Member Pack (NMP) will receive 750 Rewardical Tokens! These tokens replace the MRP and EZ Tokens previously included with the pack. That means that now, New Member Pack purchasers will receive:

  • 750 Rewardical Tokens
  • 50 mighty TCredits
  • 30 free entries in the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing

In addition to the above items, SFI Affiliates who purchase the New Member Pack will ALSO get:

  • 3 CSAs added to your team
  • 500 VersaPoints

This change is in concert with our companywide move toward awarding Rewardical Tokens for games, contests, and more. As you know, you can exchange Rewardicals for a variety of goodies and cool stuff at Rewardical.com

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