Newly introduced Rewardical Awards!

Super Deals now come with free Rewardicals!

Effective immediately (December 13) each time you purchase a Super Deal, you’ll also automatically receive, as a special bonus, 1000 Rewardicals!

ABOUT SUPER DEALS:  Super Deals are items won at Pricebenders where the winners have chosen to sell the item instead of keep it for themselves.  All Super Deals are priced at a minimum of 30% off the MSRP, and most offer a MUCH greater savings.  Why?  Because when someone wins a Pricebenders auction for a really low price (which is typical), they’re naturally going to be inclined to “price it to sell!”

Indeed, Super Deals regularly feature deals that no other e-commerce site in the world can match!  Brand new electronics, appliances, and numerous other great products are regularly offered at a whopping 50% off, 60% off,
and even 70% off the regular retail price!

See our current Super Deals at:

TC Direct products now come with Rewardicals

Effective December 13, instead of receiving MRP as a “rebate” with orders for TripleClicks Direct items, you’ll now receive Rewardicals instead. This change is in concert with our companywide move toward awarding Rewardical Tokens for games, contests, and more. As you know, you can exchange Rewardicals for a variety of goodies and cool stuff at

Got Rewardicals? Get some CSAs!


Now at the Rewardical Exchange, for a limited time, you can get fresh, recently-joined CSAs for just
50 Rewardicals apiece!

If you don’t have any Rewardicals yet, learn about the different ways you can earn/win Rewardicals here:

Instantly strengthen your team and boost your potential earning power with a group of newly joined SFI affiliates–assigned to YOU as the co-sponsor!  Your CSA will appear in your Genealogy within minutes so you may contact them and begin working with them. As their co-sponsor, you’ll be eligible to earn 15% commissions on ALL their purchases (PLUS, if you are a Team Leader, matching VP on all of their actions each month)!

Get FREE Rewardical Tokens with Rewardical X-Cards

Refer new Rewardical members with Rewardical X-Cards…and earn unlimited 10-1 referral tokens on every Rewardical they earn…for life!!

Designed specifically for referring new Rewardical members, these cards are ideal to hand out to anyone and everyone you like–there is almost certainly something they will be interested in using the card’s 25 free Rewardical Tokens toward.  Who wouldn’t like to receive free gift cards, free Bitcoin, free Silver Bullion, etc?!

Get your Rewardical Referral X-Cards in packs of 50 for just $3.95 per pack of 50 cards at:

Each pack also scores you 48 VersaPoints!  Learn more about using your Rewardical X-Cards here:


In line with our growing development of the Rewardical ( program, in January 2018 we plan to have in place a new platform that will allow all ECAs to participate in the Rewardical program and have Rewardical Tokens automatically dispensed to their customers on purchases.

To prepare for this change in our system, we’re no longer accepting new ECA applications, effective immediately. Additionally, no new ECA product listings will be accepted.  Existing listings can be updated if the update is critical, but only by request, and only via a Support ticket.

Similarly, we are also discontinuing acceptance of new Member Listings, effective immediately.

Please bear with us as we make this transition.

More details on the changes coming will be provided in the next few weeks, please watch for further announcements.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with
your fellow SFI’ers now.

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