New Opti_Build Feature!


Effective immediately, we’ve expanded participation options for Opti-Build.

If you are an STL (Silver Team Leader) or higher in rank, and you have been blocked from participating in Opti-Build due to not being amongst your sponsor’s top five Team Leaders (and, hence, acquiring Designated Diamond status), you can now put Opti-Build to work for you and your team!

Here’s all you need to do:

If you are an STL, GTL, or PTL, you will now see the following new line at the Opti-Build Manager:


Non-Designated Diamond Option

If you hold the minimum rank of STL (Silver Team Leader) you may participate in Opti-Build by opting in with either 50% or 100% participation (opt in above). Important: If participating as a non-Designated Diamond, all activity will flow from you on downward ONLY (you will not receive any spillover from upline members).

[ ] Yes, I wish to participate in Opti-Build as a non-Designated Diamond


Simply choose the 50% or 100% option, check the box in front of “Yes,” confirm acceptance of the agreement, and click the “Save Settings” box. That’s it, you’re in!

SPECIAL NOTE: Participation in Opti-Build is always month-to-month and must be qualified for and confirmed before a new month starts.

In this case, if you wish to participate in Opti-Build for March, you MUST both be qualified as at least an STL in rank AND opt in at the Opti-Build Manager before the end of February.

Similarly, if you wish to discontinue your participation in Opti-Build, you must cancel prior a month’s end.

Two new Forum features debuting today

New Feature #1

To streamline interaction at the forum and reduce clutter and unnecessary posts, we’ve just added a set of three new buttons to every post.  They look like this:

image (3)

So instead of having to create a whole new post just to thank, congratulate, or agree with an author’s post, just click the appropriate button instead.

Counts of each such action will also be reflected inside the circle beside each action.  So if 193 fellow forum members agree with your post, you’ll see “193” inside a circle beside the word “Agree.”  Hence, you’ll always be able to see, at a glance, what forum members think of your post…or how many are thanking or congratulating you.

New Feature #2

Gratuitous liking of posts has become an issue on our forum.  There are simply WAY, WAY too many likes being given for posts that add little to no value whatsoever.  This activity defeats the whole purpose of the Likes program—which is to identify posts for readers that should be read or that contain meaningful information.

So, effective immediately, the Like button (thumbs-up icon) will not appear on any posts of less than 25 words.

Could this being circumvented?  Can people simply just change from writing 3-word meaningless posts and try to expand them into 25-word meaningless posts?  I’m sure some will try to exploit this new policy, but it will not be tolerated and you WILL be banned if we see a pattern of it.

Can you still write posts of less than 25 words?  Of course, yes.  Just know that you won’t be receiving any likes on these posts.

Bottom line:  If you want to just say “thanks” or “congratulations” to someone, use the new THANKS or CONGRATULATE buttons.  If you simply want to show that you agree with someone’s post, use the new AGREE button.  By doing these things, you’ll help us keep our awesome forum tidy and enjoyable to use for all!

Meanwhile, if you want to elaborate, add reasons for why you agree with an author, or just make a longer statement, we encourage you to do so.  Just make sure you’re doing it because you’ve “got something to say,” and not just because you’re hoping to collect a few likes.

Icons of people with speech bubbles..Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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