Localvantia has launched!

SFI new division, Localvantia, is now officially live and open for business!

Let’s get to work!

What  should we do now?

  • As soon as our first merchants begin appearing, we’ll be able to start seeing how the Localvantia search engine works and how we can use it to find popular businesses in our area (or in regions where we might be traveling).  We have some really cool features including mapping, integrated Yelp and Foursquare reviews and pictures, coupons, punch cards, and more (and more to come).
  • As soon as a merchant appears in our area (we’ll automatically receive a notice): after checking out their profile page at Localvantia we will go & visit them, make a purchase, and let them know we found them thanks to Localvantia!We’ll tell them how much we  like earning free Rewardical tokens! This is REALLY important!  If lots of affiliates will do this, the merchants will of course be that much more excited about their participation in the program—which means they’ll be more likely to consider paying out higher rewards, offering more  Localvantia-exclusive money-saving deals, and so on.  It will also act as an incentive for the merchant to set up their Localvantia account with Auto-Reward… which means  walking out the door after a purchase with our Rewardicals already paid to our account!  Learn more about this in the next section.
  • If we haven’t already, we’ll want to start pre-registering merchants in your area now.  To learn how to pre-register merchants check HERE.  Then carefully study how to close our pre-registered merchants HERE.  Let’s all get after it!  Let’s make so much noise with Localvantia that they’re writing articles about us in blogs, newspapers, and magazines in 2018.  Let’s make Localvantia a world brand, known and loved by hundreds of millions of people!

We can do it if we all work together!

Please Note: At the date of present announcement  there are NO merchants yet officially registered, and official registrations may only come in as a trickle for a while.  So you’ll of course want to defer any assessments of Localvantia for at least a few weeks, until the search engine has begun to be populated. With every affiliates’ help, however, this should not take long!  

How to earn Rewardicals at Localvantia merchants

One of the great benefits of Localvantia, for merchants, is that they don’t have to do anything other than pay for the rewards they dispense.  There’s no software to install, no hardware to install, and there’s no requirement to change anything about how they check out customers.  In fact, the merchant doesn’t even need to know when a customer is earning Rewardical tokens with their purchase!  Yes, WE do all the heavy lifting, which makes being a Localvantia merchant virtually hassle-free and quite possibly the most powerful loyalty program for businesses yet!

As a Rewardical member (all SFI affiliates have a Rewardical membership by default), however, we need to know how to claim rewards when we shop at a Localvantia merchant. There are TWO methods:


Here’s an example of how this method works:


  1. You’ve just enjoyed a fine meal with your family at your favorite local restaurant.  You pay for your meal as you would normally (making sure to get a paper receipt).
  2. Upon leaving the restaurant, log in at Localvantia.com, open the merchant’s profile page, and click the “Verify Purchase” button. Choose the “UPLOAD A RECEIPT” option.
  3. Upload a copy of the receipt (as a proof of your purchase) and complete the rest of the simple Rewards Claim form.  The easiest way is to take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone.  Tip: The Localvantia.com website is mobile-friendly, so you can take your picture, then submit your claim form with the picture of the receipt quickly and easily—all right from your smartphone.
  4. Our system now immediately sends the merchant an invoice (via email) for the cost of the Rewardicals due you for your purchase.  As soon as the merchant confirms your purchase and the invoice is paid, you’ll receive your Rewardicals.


Here’s an example of how this method works:

  1. You’ve just completed your shopping at your favorite local grocery store.  Before entering the checkout lane, log in at Localvantia.com on your smartphone, open the merchant’s profile page, and click the “Verify Purchase” button.  Choose the “VERIFY IN STORE” option.
  2. The cashier informs you of the total cost of your groceries and you pay for them as you would normally.
  3.  Hand your phone to the cashier.Rewardical_POS_People
  4. The cashier will enter the amount of your purchase and the merchant’s payment confirmation code number and then hand the phone back to you.
  5. Our system now immediately sends the merchant an invoice (via email) for the cost of the Rewardicals due you for your purchase.  As soon as the invoice is paid, you’ll receive your Rewardicals.
    Alternately, merchants can choose to set up their account with Auto-Reward.  If Auto-Reward is in place, you’ll receive your Rewardicals instantly,
    literally before you walk out the door!

Have the VERIFY IN STORE screen open, then hand your smartphone to the cashier.



The cashier will enter the amount and the merchant’s confirmation code to verify your purchase, and then will hand your phone back to you.  Done! The POS (Method B) is of course the preferred method.  It means that you can get your claim approved right then and there…clean, simple, easy, and no receipt required.  However, please note that some merchants may choose to only use Method A (at least until they’ve become accustomed to being a Localvantia merchant).

Auto-Reward is of course also the preferred method…for invoice payments.

When you make a purchase from a merchant on Auto-Reward, you’ll receive your Rewardicals instantly, and all you had to do was get the merchant to enter their verification code on your smartphone! Auto-Reward is also actually the best and easiest way for the merchant because it’s the least expensive and is virtually hassle-free.

See more about Auto-Reward in the Q&A section. Check Here for more questions and answers. Join Forum discussions and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

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