Introducing… The Zing Network!

The Zing Network

For the first time in SFI 19+ year history,  the”WALL” between  “non-affiliate properties” and SFI has been TAKEN DOWN and all members are openly invited to partake in this awesome affiliate  program too!  

“Zing” works because every member login credentials provide access to every one of our properties.  ONE login for all our properties.

At the same time, Zing simplifies SFI and makes it much more accessible because getting started with SFI can now be boiled down to one simple action: REFER MEMBERS!

If everyone focuses on referring members and teaching their new PSAs how to refer members, we will see an explosive growth ahead.  Again, this is because we will be automatically promoting ALL our products and services… and the SFI affiliate program, too…to all of your referrals.

Gery is very excited about the addition of Zing, and he looks forward to working with all of our leaders in SFI to maximize its potential in the months to come.

Zing is an “umbrella network” under which all our properties reside. As a member of the Zing Network, you automatically have access to the SFI, TripleClicks, and Rewardical sites, as well as all our other properties. So, for example, we do not differentiate between a “TripleClicks Member” or a “Rewardical Member.” Rather, there are only members of the Zing Network who can access any of our sites using their Zing member login credentials.

The Zing Network includes our following properties. Click a logo to view the site:



Once we’ve referred a new member, some very cool things kick in. That is, no matter how we attracted a new referral, whether it was to an Eager Zebra game, to a Pricebenders auction, or a product or other element of one of our other properties, we will be exposing him/her to all the others, including SFI!

Q: Why the name Zing?
We like it.  It’s short, memorable, and is a word that describes energy (which fuels the world and everything we do).  The official definition of zing as a noun is “energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness.”  Zing as a verb is also great, meaning “to move swiftly.”

Q: Is there a Zing Network website?
Yes.  See  However, it’s just a very simple splash page/info page that shows the Zing “umbrella” and the properties that make up the network.  It really exists only for this purpose and will likely not be used in your marketing campaigns in any way (though it’s possible that could change in the future).  Note: Clicking on any individual property logo opens that property in a new window. The website as it appears on a tablet computer.

Q: Can I call my referrals Zingers?
You sure can!  Officially, they’re Zing Network Members or PRMs or just plain Members or Referrals, but “Zinger” is a fun term, and we encourage you to use the term especially in affiliate-to-affiliate discussions (such as at the SFI Forum).  By the way, one of the definitions offered at for “zinger” is “a person or thing that has vitality or animation or produces startling results.”  Sounds exactly like the kind of person you want to be attracting, especially as a PSA!

Q: So how do I refer members under this new Zing thing?
Just keep doing what you’ve always done.  If you want to promote SFI, use an SFI gateway, banner, etc.  Your members will come in through the SFI door, so to speak.  Or maybe you really like Eager Zebra games.  Then promote those games, your members will come in through the Eager Zebra door.  In short, promote the property
or properties you are most passionate about… and let us take it from there in exposing your referrals to all our
other properties, including SFI.

Q: Can I earn commissions on Zing Network Members?
Yes.  Remember, even if someone has become a member at a property like Rewardical (which sells no commissionable products), that member will be exposed to TripleClicks, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra, etc., where purchases ARE made and CV is generated that turns into commissions for referrers, their upline members, and
the Executive Pool.

Q: So what do I do differently now that Zing is here?
When it comes to marketing and advertising, nothing really.  As before, simply promote what you’re passionate about, whether that’s Eager Zebra games, SFI, or something else; we’ll take care of the rest.  The only thing you really need to do is stop adding “TripleClicks” or “Rewardical” or other property name in front of the word “Member.”  And DO note that when people sign up they will see references to Zing and being a member of Zing Network.

Q: “Just refer members” sounds great, but what about supporting our team members and other business-building activities!
All those activities are just as important as ever, don’t stop doing them!  We’re simply saying that the “front end” of SFI can now be communicated in what we feel is a cleaner and simpler way, especially for new affiliates.  Confusion stops people in their tracks.  If we can show new affiliates that all they have to do to start making money in SFI is to refer members…and we can show them how and give them powerful tools to do it…that’s a BIG deal, potentially a game-changer!

Q: I love that you will now be automatically exposing all the members I sign up to all Zing properties, but will we be able to know WHICH property attracted them initially…and if and when they log in and/or take actions at other properties?
Yes!  We are developing some amazing new tracking and reporting in this area.  For example, let’s say you are advertising an individual Eager Zebra game and this caused Joe to sign up as a Zing Network Member (so he could try out that game).  The next day he plays two other Eager Zebra games.  We’ll let you know about that.  A week later, Joe decides to bid in a Pricebenders auction.  We’ll let you know about that.  A couple weeks later he logs in at and becomes an SFI affiliate.  Yep, we’ll let you know about that, too!  Same with every other property.

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