Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start!

We are excited today to announce a new program that will greet all new affiliates.

SFI new “SMART START” program replaces the Class Cash program, effective immediately, and works like this:

Upon registering as a new SFI affiliate, your new PSAs will see a single webpage that officially welcomes them to SFI and lets them know that they’ve just received 25 free Rewardicals.

Next, it allows them to choose a team of 12 CSA’s from a list of recently-joined affiliates.  Yes, SFI brand new affiliates can start their SFI adventure with an instant team of hand-picked CSA’s!

The recipients of these new CSA’s will lock them in through the end of the following month.  In other words, even if they join on the last day of the month, they’ll have an entire (subsequent) month before they would forfeit the CSA’s they’ve received if not at the rank of EA by then.

But that’s just the beginning of what we think is a very powerful new welcome! All affiliates will also be offered up to 1000 total Rewardicals and up to 50 total CSAs!

Yes!  They can lock in 725 Rewardicals and 40 CSAs by going EA (by any means or combination) within 48 hours.  OR, they can grab the “Ultimate Smart Start” of 1000 Rewardicals and 50 CSAs by setting up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within 48 hours.

The “Ultimate Smart Start” package also comes with a Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain and an exclusive, redesigned Fast-Track Member badge!

Altogether, the “Ultimate” package has a value of over $310 that the new affiliates can receive FREE just for powering up their new SFI business within their first 48 hours!

However new affiliates are advised that these options are totally optional and they can take more than 48 hours to go EA if needed.  However, for each day past the initial 48 hours, the amount of bonus Rewardical tokens and bonus CSA’s that can be received decreases.  In other words, the sooner you become an EA, the more bonuses you’ll receive!


No new affiliates can ever say they’re weren’t aware of the great Smart Start program… For a period of 30 days
every new affiliate will see a bright gold banner atop every page of the Affiliate Center. This banner features a big countdown clock that ticks down second by second.

Here’s a sample of what the banner looks like for an affiliate’s first 48 hours:

After 48 hours, it will automatically display precisely how many Rewardical Tokens and CSA’s are available for the individual affiliate, based on their join date, and feature a 24-hour clock instead.

However, since not every new affiliate visits the Affiliate Center regularly, SFI will be also sending every new affiliate, during their first 30 days, a daily Smart Start email update.  These brief updates will provide the current amount of Rewardicals, CSA’s, etc. that are available to them by upgrading to EA at that moment.


Smart Start” is aimed at firmly and directly encouraging new affiliates to advance to the rank of Executive Affiliate as soon as possible.

Rather than hoping they’ll keep reading and figure out that they should go EA, SFI advise them to advance to the rank of EA immediately, NEW AND IMPROVED “GO EA” PAGE unequivocally, and with no “beating around the bush.”

That’s why SFI present this special offer right away, as soon as the new affiliates complete their registration, a time when they are sure to capture their attention.

“Smart Start” is much more aggressive in directing new affiliates towards making a purchase (specifically, in the form of an Auto-Delivery order for a 1500-VP TCredits pack).

Obviously,  it’s  made very clear this choice  is absolutely optional.


First of all a very simple & easy url nobody could forget:!

The page is all about becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA) by earning Smart Start bonuses. The main three ways
to go EA are also synthetized. Namely:

Transfer Buying

The easiest way to earn 1500 VP and go EA is with “Transfer Buying.” That is, you already buy lots of things every month. Now, just buy them through one of our Zing Network sites (TripleClicks, Rewardical, or Localvantia) instead. Note: With Localvantia, you can even earn all the VP you need bysimply shopping at popular stores in your area!

Best of all, since you’re just transferring where you buy stuff from, you can earn all the VP you need at no added cost to your budget! Learn more  here!

Online Sales

You can earn all the VP you need by making sales online. Just refer customers* to TripleClicks or other Zing Network sites, and you can earn EA status with as little as one sale a month! Best things about qualifying via sales:
1.) No purchase is required.
2.) While you’re earning VP, you’re also earning great commissions too! 3.) As little as one customer* sale can generate the 1500 VP needed for EA status each month.

Learn more here!

Affiliate Actions

This method allows to earn EA status by team building and performing other business-building actions. No purchases or selling required!

For a complete list of all the actions you can do to earn VP and a count of how many VP you’ve earned to date, see your VP Ledger!

Learn more here! 

For a list of all the benefits of becoming an Executive Affiliate,  check  The CHART!


For more detailed information and a number of Questions and Answers on this specific subject, check  SFI News


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