Lesson 3

Getting Started With SFI                                                                              

The SFI affiliate center is your personal virtual office where you can gain access to all the tools and reports you need. In this lesson I will take you on a guided tour of the affiliate center and show you how to set everything up. You will also learn about taking the 30 day Launchpad course and the Ultra Simple Plan which is part of the free training that SFI provides you with. The screenshot below shows the top menu bar area of SFI which we are going to learn about first.


In the top right hand corner is your profile picture (which we will add later) and other information such as current rank (in this example: Executive Affiliate), total VP (Versapoints) for the current month and in total. A link to your sponsor’s details and one to your Messages Manager. If you are a new affiliate then you will already have a new message from your sponsor in your inbox. Take some time to read this by clicking on the link that says “1 messages, (1 unread)”.

Looking back at the screenshot above we can see a black menu bar stretched across the screen that lists the heading of the main menus such as HOME, HOT SPOTS and INCOME. Most of these will reveal a drop down menu as you can see in the screenshot above where I have selected the “My Acct” menu. This menu contains everything you need to set up your account as well as all the reports you will need. If you select “Account Info” from this menu then you can change various information such as your personal details and how you wish to receive your commissions. You may want to do this now.

Each time you enter a menu you can always return to the main page by clicking on “HOME” in the menu bar. You will notice that the first item in the menu is “INDEX”. Clicking on this will give you a list of the sections in that menu along with an explanation of what each one is about. Once you get used to the menu system you will probably not bother with the index pages and just select the option you want from each of the drop down menus. On the home page the “Alerts” section will tell you what you need to do if you haven’t already done it.


Select “INDEX” from the “My Account” menu to bring up the index page. You will see the screenshot below which displays a list of sections as well as a description of what to find there.


Click on the blue links to be taken to each page and see what’s on it. Remember you can always return to the home page by clicking on the “HOME” button. Right now we need to continue setting up the account so click on the “Miscellaneous Account Options” link and the following page will be displayed.


Your first step is to add a picture of yourself to your profile so your downline affiliates know what you look like. Click on the “Add/Update My Photo” link and follow the instructions to upload your photo. Choose a passport type folder like the one of me in the screenshot above.

Next you need to add your personal PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) and CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate) greeting. When a PSA or CSA joins your team they will receive a welcome message from you as their sponsor in their Messages Manager. All you need is a short welcome message with directions on what they should do next. Here is an example.



Welcome to SFI. My name is (your name) and I am your sponsor. I am here to answer any questions you may have and to help you build your SFI business. Your first step is to visit the page below and learn the basics. Or click the START button at the top of the screen.


The next step is to follow the steps of the launchpad. You can follow all steps today or over 30 days. This will teach you everything you need to know to get started.


Get started today and soon you will become successful. Good luck

Your Name

Your Email Address

When you receive a new affiliate you will get their email address in their profile. I recommend you send this message to them as an email as well in case they don’t log in to the affiliate center straight away.


You can also consider writing a best tip for your new affiliates which they will see on your personal affiliate page. You can use this space to share what you personally do to build your business such as write a blog, use traffic exchanges and so on.


I suggest you read the Instructions for Whitelisting SFI’s email address to make sure that email from SFI does not end up in your spam folder. If you use Gmail then you should have no problem as they are not as strict with email as other companies such as hotmail are. Also check out the Payment and Commission Collection page for a list of ways you can purchase products and collect your commissions. If you decide to leave SFI then you can select the Opt Out option but I urge you to give it time and not give up.


Return to the home page by clicking on the “HOME” button on the menu bar. There are three buttons on top under your profile picture: STARTSFI BASICS and LAUNCHPAD. Click on each one in turn and read the information I have described below.


This section gives you simple instructions to get started as well as a short tutorial video of the affiliate center. You will also find links to the Ultra Simple Plan as well as other sections.


This covers the basic four things you need to do in order to make money in SFI such as generating versapoints, generating sales at Tripleclicks and sponsoring and duplication.


This is a step by step 30 day training course which will teach you everything you need to know. You will need to take a multi-choice quiz and choose the correct answer to move onto the next lesson.


SFI provides a lot of help and support in the form of live chat, a helpdesk, many faqs, free articles, a complete training section and a forum where you can ask questions to other affiliates. Select “INDEX” from the “Support” menu and you will have the option to read the many faqs or submit a ticket. You can also email your sponsor and co-sponsor for help from this page.


This module will teach you all the basics you need to know. For more information you should visit the training page which will give you access to a lot of useful information. Select “INDEX” from the “Training” menu to see the all the information on offer.


There seems to be a lot of options in the menu but in reality a lot of them point to the same pages so it is not as overwhelming as it seems. Concentrate on working though this module first then later you can take your time exploring the other sections and what they do.


Lesson 2

Introduction to Strong Future International[ SFI ] & TripleClicks

SFI is a company that has been helping millions of people from all over the world to start up their own home business since 1998. They provide the training, marketing tools, customer service and the products leaving affiliates with the single task of referring new affiliates and customers to them. No need to be concerned about doing everything from scratch such as finding a product to sell, what price to set, how to deliver all over the world, which payment options to offer and so on. SFI has given you a home business in a box and all you need to do is promote it.

If you want more information about SFI then click here for a general overview. Notice that they provide their address, phone number and a support center for people who want to contact them with any further questions. You will soon find out that SFI gives you full support in the form of phone and email contact as well as a support forum, a personal sponsor and step by step training. You also have this tutorial which has been written to take you step by step through the basics.

SFI comes in the form of two websites. The affiliate center which is your virtual office and TripleClicks which is home to the entire product line. The affiliate center provides you with everything you need to run your new SFI business such as affiliate websites and access to various reports. TripleClicks is a virtual shopping store like Amazon which offers thousands of products that you can earn a commission from. The great thing about separating the two websites is that you can offer people the choice of a business opportunity or an online store with many products and bargains.


The screenshot below shows you the SFI affiliate center. Every SFI affiliate receives access to their own personal affiliate center with all their information including the marketing tools embedded with their own personal SFI ID in the form of a number. Access to each section can be reached via the drop down menus at the top as well as quick and easy access to main reports and information separated by tabs.


At first glance everything may seem overwhelming with too many menu options but it actually isn’t. Most of the options points to various pages of interest but you will quickly find that there are only a few pages you actually need regular access to. These pages are your reports and your message center. In this module I am going to be taking you through the main areas you need to know about so you can focus on getting started and leave the other features until later.


Every business needs a product and the TripleClicks store has thousands of them under many different categories such as arts and crafts, books, computers, digital downloads, health and wellness and many more. Unlike other business opportunities that focus on one particular product TripleClicks has something for everybody so there is plenty to keep your customers happy. Here is a screenshot of TripleClicks.


As you can see from the screenshot there is a menu on the left which shows many categories. TripleClicks offers great deals on various products on a daily basis as well as regular auctions where you can pick up amazing bargains for up to 90% off the retail price. Promoting TripleClicks is easy with your TripleClicks affiliate website. Just send someone the link where they can sign up for their free membership and Tripleclicks will pay you a commission on any product they buy as long as they remain a member. There is no need for you to do anything as TripleClicks deal with all the promotion side.

TripleClicks allows you to make money by selling unwanted items from your home. As the old saying goes “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Customers need to purchase TCredits for this which earns you a commission. You can also set up your own virtual store as an ECA where you can sell your own products. Customers can find your products on TripleClicks and make the purchase without you promoting the product to them. TripleClicks makes your product available to thousands of customers and sends you an email when a product is sold. Tripleclicks takes care of the payment while you take care of the delivery.


Every new affiliate automatically receives a TripleClicks account so you can make money from them as they explore the many bargains to be had at the store. If you know people who are interested in the products but not the business opportunity then they can sign up as a TripleClicks member only. Affiliates receive versapoints (covered later) when they make purchases which help them in their business, which benefits you as well. TripleClicks will be covered in more detail in a later lesson.

If you are interested in how SFI compares to other business then click here to read a PDF report.


If you are not currently a member of SFI or TripleClicks then you can join here by clicking on one of the banners below. Please enter all information into the sign up form and make sure you use a good email address. I highly recommend you use Gmail as it has a good delivery rate for home business and marketing type websites like SFI. You will receive your new SFI ID and password shortly after signing up and you will be able to start this tutorial.

If you join SFI you will automatically become a member of TripleClicks so there is no need to click on the second banner. If you wish to join TripleClicks only as a customer then click the TripleClicks banner and sign up for your new account. Both websites are free to join with no obligation to pay anything ever.


Lesson 1

Home Business Concept

Millions of people have discovered the benefits of working from home using their computer and the Internet. They enjoy the freedom of being able to work the hours and days they choose and having more time to spend with their families as well as having enough money to enjoy life. These people are not restricted to fitting their personal life around set company hours. This is the kind of life you can enjoy as well if you are willing to put in the time and effort. This lesson discusses general home business concepts.


When you search the Internet for “work from home opportunities” you will come across many websites that will try to convince you to buy their “amazing formula” which is “guaranteed” to make you rich within a short time with very little effort. These websites use pictures of fancy looking homes with a swimming pool and a top of the range sports car to ignite the desire within us to own these luxuries. It is followed by a long-winded story of how the webmaster went from rags to riches and how you can too.

The cold harsh truth is that there is no genuine way to make millions overnight unless you know how to pull off some professional scam. But there are people looking for fast track wealth solutions in the hope of becoming rich quickly so they can pay off their mounting debts and buy everything they want. These people are targets for the scammers who set up these “get rich quick” websites who blind them with lies and false promises.


Before you can become successful in anything you need to have the correct mindset. Your mindset is your general attitude to whatever you want to do. Most people who look for get rich quick schemes online hold the attitude that they want as much money as possible with as little effort as possible because they are lazy and impatience. This is a negative mindset and often results in these people piling up large debts buying every “magical money-making formula” that they can get their hands on.

Before you proceed with these lessons it is important that you know what is expected of you in order to succeed as an Internet Marketer. You need to accept that earning the big money online is going to take time and effort on your part and there is no guarantee that every effort you make is going to succeed for you. In your role as an Internet Marketer you will be performing regular tasks such as recruiting, supporting new customers and team members.

A home business should be treated as a real business, not some online work from home scheme where you get paid for stuffing envelopes or assembling toys. You are expected to get customers and you only get paid from any sales you personally get. You do not get a regular salary. You are working for yourself and therefore all responsibility is on you. You may be expected to put some money into your business and if so – then you must be prepared for the possibility of making a loss.

So in general you need to accept that it takes time to build a profitable home business which can take (on average) anything between six months and five years. You need to be patience and keep trying to build your business even if you are making very little or no profit. You must be willing to believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude as there will be times when you face disappointment and feel like giving it all up. Remind yourself why you are doing it and convince yourself that one day you will become successful.


Running your home business can be so much easier if you take the time to organize everything. For example you may want to set up a new email address for business use and work out a budget that you can comfortably afford to invest in your new business. You may also consider the most suitable hours you can work that fit around your other commitments. Whatever you need to do it is best if you take the time to decide how you are going to do it. Make a daily planner and write down what you are going to do and set yourself goals on achieving those tasks. Here is an example list of things you will need.

Business Email Address: You will find yourself signing up for many services such as marketing tools and advertising resources. There are many services on the Internet that you can use to help you with the running of your business and you may not want emails from them mixed in with your personal emails from other sources. Therefore you should get yourself a separate email address from Gmail which is the best one for business use. Most companies only accept a Gmail address.

Domain and Autoresponder: These are the two most important tools you will need to set up your business online and the cost is quite reasonable. A domain allows you to create your own website to promote your product and can cost $6 to $10 per month. An autoresponder allows you to build a list of customer’s email addresses and email them at the click of the button. An autoresponder will cost you a monthly fee of around $20 and contains everything you need to build your list.

Create a Planner: You will find running your business so much easier if you take the time to write down what you plan to do with your business and set a daily, weekly and monthly task list. For example, you may decide to promote your business with the traffic exchanges on a daily basis and do some research on new products and advertising resources at weekends. You may write down what you are willing to spend on your business and stick to that budget so you don’t end up with huge credit card debts.


In order to make money online you will need a product to sell or a service to offer. You may have access to a supplier of items that you can sell at a higher price or you may be able to offer your own creations such as jewelry or clothes. Information products can be created in the form of videos and books on a variety of subjects such as learning to play the guitar or how to bake cakes. If you don’t have a product then you can sell other people’s products and earn a commission from them. This is called “affiliate marketing” and it is the easiest way to start a home business.

You can earn a good income with affiliate marketing and there are many products you can sell just by looking at websites such as Clickbank where people list their products with their offer of commission from each sale that you make for them. Some companies have multiple products and offer a special website known as an “affiliate website” which you (as an affiliate) can use to promote their products. They give you a personal username so they know that the sale has come from you. Some companies even provide extra resources such as banner and text ads as well as training on how to promote them.


A company can take you on as an affiliate and pay you a commission for each sale you make but you are limited to how many people you can reach. You will need to spend a lot of money on advertising to keep getting the sales and your business will take a long time to grow. But the good news is that you can build a team of affiliates under you and get paid bonuses from any sales they make. You may also get paid a percentage of any sales they make. Your team can recruit affiliates under them and build their own teams and you can earn from them. This concept is known as “network marketing”.

Network Marketing allows you to build a team of thousands of affiliates just like you who go out and makes sales for the company and earn their own commission. Considering the money you can earn from sponsoring bonuses and percentages of your team sales you can make thousands of dollars very easily, even if you don’t make many sales yourself. Companies do this to encourage you to bring them new affiliates in to sell their products so it’s a win-win situation for both of you. 

These affiliates become part of your team and are known as your downline. They may buy products themselves and so you can earn commission from their purchases as well. For an example let us assume that your downline affiliate gained a sale of $20 from their customer. Their percentage could be $5 for them and $15 for the company. As that person is someone that you personally referred as an affiliate the company would offer you a percentage of their own $15. So for example the company’s commission could be $13, $5 for your team member and $2 for you as their sponsor.

When you recruit people into your downline you automatically become their Sponsor. As their sponsor your role is to help them get started and to train and advise them on their new business. As your new member they may have a few questions and would appreciate your help and guidance. You can build a team of affiliates and profit from their efforts. They can also do the same. And the good news for you is that the new affiliates are still part of your team, even if you didn’t recruit them. When your downline teams have built their own teams then it becomes a network. One big team working together.