Announcing…the Astro Auction VIP program!

 Special new Program

for Astro Auctions  Launched:

VIP Program!

We’ve just unveiled a fantastic VIP program for Astro Auctions! As you’ll enjoy free bonus prizes and an extra Rocket Box jackpot on every auction, unlimited rebids, Auto-Pilot, two new badges with up to 1000 Badge Quest points, and much more! Read more

Introducing…Astro Auctions!

Introducing…Astro Auctions!

After nearly three years in development, SFI is delighted to introduce a new auction platform, ASTRO™!

Astro is based on the popular silent auction model. Indeed, in Astro, SFI has completely reimagined the online auction and built an amazing, totally new kind of platform that everybody  will LOVE participating in and marketing to the world. Read more