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Lesson 8

Sponsoring & Duplication Referring new affiliates and customers to SFI is only half of the battle. It is a true fact that many new affiliates will join SFI and then bookmark the affiliate center with the intention of “getting around to it” at a later date. On many occasions these people never do get round […]

Lesson 7

SFI Coops Advertising any business requires hard work and patience. There are millions of advertising resources on the Internet that will promise you targeted visitors to your website and it takes time to sort out the genuine ones from the scam ones. Even when you find a good resource then you go through the hassle […]

Lesson 6

Promote SFI & TripleClicks In order to build your business you will need to promote SFI and TripleClicks to people. Remember that you promote SFI to people who are looking to start a home business and you promote TripleClicks to people who are just looking for bargains. In your SFI affiliate center you have access […]

Lesson 5

TripleClicks 1-2-3 TripleClicks is an online store which is home to thousands of great products at bargain prices. The products on offer cover many categories such as arts and craft, books, business, computers, digital downloads, home and garden, education, electronics and many more. What makes TripleClicks unique is that it sells products that you are […]

Lesson 4

Earning VersaPoints Whenever you perform a task or purchase a product you earn versapoints (often referred to as VP) which help you create your rank as an affiliate and gain higher percentages and bonuses. For example, earning a total of 1500 VP will promote you to the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA) while earning a total of […]

Lesson 3

Getting Started With SFI                                                                               The SFI affiliate center is your personal virtual office where you can […]

Lesson 2

Introduction to Strong Future International[ SFI ] & TripleClicks SFI is a company that has been helping millions of people from all over the world to start up their own home business since 1998. They provide the training, marketing tools, customer service and the products leaving affiliates with the single task of referring new affiliates […]

Lesson 1

Home Business Concept Millions of people have discovered the benefits of working from home using their computer and the Internet. They enjoy the freedom of being able to work the hours and days they choose and having more time to spend with their families as well as having enough money to enjoy life. These people […]