Announcing…the Astro Auction VIP program!

 Special new Program

for Astro Auctions  Launched:

VIP Program!

We’ve just unveiled a fantastic VIP program for Astro Auctions! As you’ll enjoy free bonus prizes and an extra Rocket Box jackpot on every auction, unlimited rebids, Auto-Pilot, two new badges with up to 1000 Badge Quest points, and much more!

Learn how to go VIP and grab these great perks now at:

Qualifying as a VIP is simple.  Participate in a minimum of 60 Astro Auctions over the previous 30 days and you automatically qualify for VIP status.

As a VIP, you’ll enjoy the following perks:


  • One additional Constellation Prize per auction!
  • VIP Rocket Box.  A separate 500 Rewardicals Rocket Box  has been added on every auction just for VIP members!
  • Unlimited Rebids!
  • Auto-Pilot.  With Auto-Pilot you can set up all your bidding days or weeks in advance. Select individual products from the list of all available auction items and enter your bid, PTB prediction, etc. You will  have full control.  Let the Auto-Pilot do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the flight!
  • Auction stats. For every auction, you’ll be provided with the most recent winning bids data to help you make the best possible bid!
  • One-click option to claim all pending winnings at once (individual flight viewing not required)!
  • Two new badges (add up to 1000 Badge Quest points!).  See details below.

Even more perks and benefits for VIPs are in the works!


Qualify as a VIP and receive the new VIP badge by participating in a minimum of 60 Astro Auctions in the previous 30 days.  The basic VIP badge also comes with 150 Badge Quest points!

  • Add BRONZE trim to your VIP badge with 100 auctions in 30 days and score 300 Badge Quest points!
  • Add SILVER trim to your VIP badge with 150 auctions in 30 days and score 450 Badge Quest points!
  • Add GOLD trim to your VIP badge with 250 auctions in 30 days and score 600 Badge Quest points!


Use the new Auto-Pilot tool to set up automated bidding and you’ll receive the new AUTO-PILOT badge.  The basic Auto-Pilot badge also comes with 100 Badge Quest points!

  • Add BRONZE trim to your Auto-Pilot badge by setting up auto-bidding for a minimum of 5 items and score 200 Badge Quest points!
  • Add SILVER trim to your Auto-Pilot badge by setting up auto-bidding for a minimum of 10 items and score 300 Badge Quest points!
  • Add GOLD trim to your Auto-Pilot badge by setting up auto-bidding for a minimum of 20 items and score 400 Badge Quest points!

Like what you see?  You can become a VIP immediately by participating in 60 or more auction bids (in the past 30 days).  Indeed, many of you have already qualified (Congrats!).  TIP: Commit to bidding in just two auctions a day and within 30 days you’ll be a VIP with full access to all the great perks and benefits listed above!

An explosion of activity at Astro, with many thousands more participating in Astro Auctions every day, there will have big, juicy benefits for everyone (better deals, more auctions, more products, more bidders, more sales, more
CV, bigger commissions, etc.).

Astro Auction Gateway now available!

TWO versions are available for the Astro Auctions Gateway.  Which version your prospects see depends on YOU!

Version One:  offers your prospects a free bid.  That is, after signing up, they can immediately enter any open Astro Auction with guaranteed prizes for them but with absolutely no cost or risk!  This if of course a fantastic way to build your list of  PRMs and get them engaged in making purchases (earning you commissions).  With Version One, we’re required to provide the TCredit necessary for the free bid (we automatically transfer one TCredit from your account to the new member’s account upon registering).

Version Two: does NOT offer your prospects a free bid.  Instead, it simply highlights all the cool features of Astro and encourages them to sign up to try it out.  Of course, to try it, they’ll need to first buy TCredits, so your success rate of creating engaged new customers will likely be substantially less.

To select your level of participation and any related information check here!

Other marketing aids also available!

Penny auctions, such as Pricebenders, simply aren’t for everyone. A lot of people feel the reward is not worth the risk.  Astro Auctions, on the other hand, are designed to appeal to EVERYONE…with virtually no risk, simple and easy participation, and all delivered with an ample dose of fun!

I guess that a lot of your friends and family might be interested in participating in Astro Auctions. How can you introduce them to Astro and be credited as their  referrer?

If you’re an SFI Affiliate, just refer them to your Astro Auction gateway, using the Version One so that you can gift your friends and family a TCredit. They will experience an Astro Auction 100% FREE!  A 100% no risk auction and guaranteed prizes is a very powerful offer! NOTE: Not an SFI Affiliate? Join free HERE.

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